Xeriscape: Earth-Friendly Yards

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Xeriscape: Earth-Friendly Yards

Xeriscape is “an attractive, sustainable landscape that conserves water and is based on sound horticultural practices.”

There are seven principles of Xeriscape: 1) Plan and design comprehensively; 2) Evaluate soil; 3) Create practical turf areas; 4) Use appropriate plants and group according to their water needs; 5) Water efficiently; 6) Use organic mulches; 7) Practice appropriate maintenance.

Water conservation is an important benefit of Xeriscape, and it can drastically cut down on your nonessential water use. Xeriscape can also decrease maintenance by as much as 50 percent, thanks to less mowing and more efficient watering techniques.

Xeriscape is not only an attractive landscape alternative, but one that is environmentally responsible as well.